Quaggiotto - 1952 - Productions

fresh every day

A story inside every loaf of bread

A living process, not interrupted by cold

Bread is a living food, and it needs to arrive alive at the oven to be good and healthy. Some yeasts survive cooking in the heart of large loaves and arrive alive on our tables

So, it's essential that the entire bread chain protect the biological qualities of the organisms that transform it and make it rise: the quality of bread depends on their proper growth and vitality. In fact, one of the baker’s most important tasks is to protect the dough, ensuring constant humidity and temperature conditions of the environment in which it is worked.

When bread is produced over long times and in a natural atmosphere for rising, maturation occurs in a harmonious and complete way, expressing all the organoleptic qualities of bread, creating a healthy and tasty product that’s more nutritious and easier to digest.


Artisan bread is lighter to the touch, it has well developed alveoli and has richer and more complex fragrances and aromas. It’s not just delicious, it’s also healthier: when it has time to rise, bread is more digestible and nutritious.

That’s why at Quaggiotto, we avoid as much as possible stressful procedures like precooking and freezing.

From Monday to Saturday, we produce our doughs under natural temperatures, so you can rediscover the fragrance and magic of traditional bread every day.